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Chris Roberts


Managing Member | Investor Relations

 Chris Roberts has been a full-time entrepreneur and investor since 2007. He owns and operates a Sales and Marketing Company that, when acquired, had annual sales of $7,200,000 in 2007. In 13 years, Chris and his team grew the business to $24,500,000 by 2019. Chris runs a property management business that controls his own rentals. He is also the minority partner in a Point of Sale software company (High Trek POS). Chris has a proven track record of building successful businesses and each of his rental and or flips have realized returns well above the market average. He has renovated, flipped, built or held 12 single-family residences and raw land with funds from private individuals and or with his own personal capital. Chris holds General Partner ownership or shares in over 654 units across the country. Recently, Chris bought several distressed duplexes under value. Through splitting the water meters, making upgrades and raising rents, they showed an increased cash flow of 22% and a decrease expense of approximately 45% offering maximum returns for him and his partners.

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Mark Langdon

Managing Member

Mr. Langdon from Whippany, NJ has been investing in residential real estate since 1991. Mark continues to work full time as a Project Manager/Chemical Engineer performing project execution of engineering, procurement, and construction projects in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries and is licensed as a Professional Engineer.

He has a separate (Fix & Flip) real estate investment firm: Langdon Properties LLC focused on buying distressed properties; renovating the properties and then re-­‐selling them. His current Multi-­‐family/rental portfolio consists of:

-­‐ 10 units (1-­‐4 units): self-­‐managed over the last 27 years.

-­‐ 21 unit in Greensboro, NC

-­‐ 18 unit in Alabama

-­‐ 32 unit in Hickory, NC

-­‐ 48 unit in Louisville, KY

-­‐ 107 unit in Louisville, KY

-­‐ 62 units in Morgantown, WV

-­‐ 210 units in Birmingham, AL

Mark and his wife have high net worth from real estate holdings, mutual funds and stock portfolio which allows him access to $ 2.0 MM various credit lines including raising private money to finance his deals. Mark is also married to a mortgage professional (Susan) with 30 years of financing experience.

Together Mark and his wife bring strong W-­‐2 income; High net worth, excellent credit (800+), multiple income streams with the required real estate and property management knowledge to be able to execute, manage, and close real estate deals.

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Lexi Sasaki


 Administration Manager

 Lexi Sasaki has primary responsibility for Sterling Rhino Capital’s organizational planning and coordination of communications between all members of the organization. After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she applied her customer service background to an administrative role for a small, local company. In this role, she spearheaded communication on collaborations with Toms Shoes and Discovery Channel, promoted brand image through email campaigns and social media content creation, and streamlined general administrative processes. She now hopes to apply these experiences in her role at Sterling Rhino Capital to improve operational systems, processes, and policies in support of the company’s vision. Outside of work, Lexi enjoys spending most of her time outdoors hiking with her husband and son, rock climbing, or reading a good book.